Quantum Theory & Self-Reflection

 Listen to a Taster on Quantum Theory  with Gavin & Thanissara

Born of attention are all things.
The Buddha

The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment. Bernard d’Espagnat

The atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities rather than one of things or facts. Werner Heisenberg

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Sometimes we need to shift set; to take a quantum leap from the daily grind and a world seemingly falling apart. At Dharmagiri, we are set to enter the world of Quantum Theory, designed to collapse the regular mind! Seriously, this leading edge science is so extraordinary that even the most revered quantum theorists say things like, “Anyone not shocked by quantum mechanics has not yet understood it.” (Niels Bohr.)

Yet…. it tweaks a whoa wow feeling, indicating that a quantum leap is not from but into’ deep reality. A long forgotten dream whispering like distant temple bells heard while walking along a winter beach calling attention to something….. important. (Poetry, it seems, is a language of the infinite. “We must be clear that when it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images and establishing mental connections.” Niels Bohr.) We recognize something, even as we struggle to cognitively place its truths or compute its implications. We recognize the resonance of QT pointing to the primacy of consciousness, and there’s nothing more personally impersonal than that!


   Gavin Roberston

We are delighted to have a competent and excellent guide into this territory who will be leading a retreat at Dharmagiri from the 16-19 September. Gavin Robertson is currently engaging a Ph.D. exploring the relationship between Vedic concepts of consciousness and Quantum Theory. Gavin, a psychologist, has guided many people (including traumatized youth), through transformational journeys and rites of passage in the wilderness (including the Drakensberg). He brings to his work a profound yoga practice, including experience of facilitation of Yoga Teacher Training in Uganda, Mozambique, and South Africa, and a long interest in integrating Western and Eastern psychology.

In this interview Thanissara (Dharmagiri co-guiding teacher), asks Gavin about his understandings of QT. What unfolds is a fascinating journey into the nature of light and matter, that all possibilities exist simultaneously, the determining factor of attention, shifting consciousness, choice, freeing ourselves from old assumptions and patterings, quantum insight into death, and more! Reality, it seems, is not what we thought!

Gavin will also be co-leading another retreat from Sept 30 to Oct 3 with Chandasara on a closely related subject, which is death and dying. Perhaps if we approach death with the insights offered by QT, and ancient wisdom schools like Buddhism and the Vedas, then our understanding of our lives would positively change. Chandasara will also be exploring very human experiences like grief when dealing with loss.

We look forward to seeing you at Dharmagiri for the leap!

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In the beginning, there were only probabilities. The universe could only come into existence if someone observed it. It does not matter that the observers turned up several billion years later. The universe exists because we are aware of it. (WHOA WOW!)
Martin Rees

And… try these on for size:

We now know that the moon is demonstrably not there when nobody looks.
N. David Mermin

I can’t accept quantum mechanics because I like to think the moon is there
even if I am not looking at it.
Albert Einstein

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