The Journey so Far… Dishin’ Up & Conquering the Peeks

Ru in kitchen June 2018Food wise, feedback so far has been good. I’m not one to brag so I appreciate feedback even more. When I’m cooking up a storm, my olfactory senses may sometimes become overwhelmed and temporarily disable the full capacity of my taste-buds, so I designated Penny-Jane as my taste-tester/quality control manager (horribly difficult job – I know, we both agreed). I am often to “in the zone” so I forget to take pics… but I did on a few occasions. My Gluten-Free & Vegan Moussaka dish went down like a hit… it was actually improvised – a hybrid between my mom’s recipe and the Vegan Planet cookbook (a breadcrumb alternative for the topping is ground pecan – yum!)

It was a pleasure to have Nobantu joining us for her Birthday and so 2 chocolate cakes were made. Ironically Penny-Jane and I wrote the Gluten free one off as a flop (it did actually look quite floppy initially), until Martin came along and had a slice… let’s just say both cakes were eaten happily. I decided to end the retreat off with a lovely moist Naartjie and Cardamom cake.

Ru rhubarb pieAnd more pie! Strawberry and Rhubarb without the Rhubarb because we couldn’t find any, so improvisation was needed again. Suffice it to say that I couldn’t even take the picture in time because we were so eager to dig in! I say, after all, Pi(e) is the golden ratio so you can’t go wrong with one.

A couple of weeks into my time at Dharmagiri, two of my close friends and I went right up the sacred mountain. It was stunningly beautiful. Fear gripped me at times, between the rocks and the steepness, but ultimately I overcame it and marvelled at the surrounding beauty in awe.

Ru climbingThis is where the fear set in. My experience? Don’t try this unless you have some climbing experience and/or are preferably accompanied by someone who has some climbing experience (luckily my friend does). Later we found that the tip is actually reachable without having to scale up any rocks, if one zig-zags up and around the right hand side of the mountain. It is however, dangerously steep.

Thank you for reading! Go well on your own journeys. We will all soon meet, be it on the mountains or in the oceans.

Light and Love Blessings To All Beings!

By Ru


Ru & friendsThe three amigos

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