Early Morning Prayer – The Tentacles of Egoism Versus Mother Nature

Candlelight, sandalwood incense at shrine during the last watch of the night. The awareness of New York, devastated by Hurricane Sandy, dawns with the early morning light. Not a gentle dawning but a deadening, tight, anxious slamming reality of fevered nights, pulsing up from the guts to a heightened and silent screaming awareness of the road ahead.

Welcome to our new world. If the message hasn’t landed yet dear friends, then you have been an ostrich. But never mind, today our Mother has made her vote loud and clear. She wasn’t invited to the money throwing madness; pounding TV advert orgy; and kaleidoscope of realities unhinged from reality — USA elections. So she decided to gate crash. Here’s her message…

“Wake up and get real. You don’t have long – really you don’t – to hear beyond the tentacles of ego consciousness that has wrapped itself around every sacred living thing to squeeze my bounteous and magnificent life-giving benevolence to death. Here’s your choice – death or awakening. I advise awakening. It is a kind of death also, but one that doesn’t take everything else with you. It is a better option. You will wake up only to realize all things are already intimate within your own beloved heart. Your beloved heart is my beloved heart – rest there and respond from the knowledge that everything you do from now on is important. It matters.

Choose the path of life, of beauty and of sacredness with every thought, every deed, every consecrated breath that breathes you. Stand up to fight for my dearest children of the animal kingdom, tortured and decimated in your holocaust Agro-greed-hellish-nightmare “farms” of despicable and unspeakable wastelands of degradation. Fight to save my oceans, my ice caps, my great swaths of forest, my pure rivers and noble mountains. Please STOP – pause – consider – work together – change your ways… the time is late, you don’t have long my dear beloved children of my soul.”

Last night on TV, “It’s the Koch Brothers against Mother Nature” “It’s billions of dollars owning every last thing, it’s never ending seeking power to shore up vacuous, empty, rapid hearts, it’s lies to seduce, cajole and deaden, it’s the way of the Orcs against the Me, your Earth – your life-giving, merciful, generous, open-handed, exquisite, beauteous, mystery of all that is, every day, every life, sacred and loved.”

We are in the times of the ring bearers on their journey through Mordor… Don’t give up…. hear now, always now – Her heart which beats at the core of all that is – that calls us back to our true home so we can preserve this extraordinary 4.5 billion year old planet for those to come. Take courage…namo prajna paramita heart, namo kuan shr yin heart, namo avalokitesvara heart, namo hanuman heart, namo mother mary heart..

Mother Earth, Storehouse of All that Lives, that has Lived, that will Live … we plead your forgiveness, we adore you and we reform our ways to respect you…Oh Holy One with Many Names…. hold us in the mystery of your ways so we may follow your footsteps and wake up – wake up – wake up…before it is too late…

Her tuneful violin dreams of joyous notes soaring

brings warm blood songs to our voices.

The music flows to the land of awakening

and whispers within tides turning

softening the very center of our chest.

Here is the voice once dreamed of

emerging from the jeweled locket

hidden in silence,

seated within each turn of the rosary,

encoded in the mystery

and drifting on mighty seas.

Here is the deep promise

of this longed for

wedding night.

(The Return – Thanissara)